Wilson Fuzz – Design PCB

In a very … very, very lengthy video I go through process of designing a PCB for a simple effect – a Fuzz Face clone. I covered building one before, but this time I thought to use it to go through how I design a PCB. For this series I’ll call this pedal Wilson Fuzz. […]

My Designs Phaser

Airmed – My Take on a Simple Phaser

Here’s my take on a simple two stage phaser similar to Phase 45. I called this pedal – Airmed – The Healer. For previous posts have a look here. As usual you can skip to the video and come back later for diagrams. The Healer? Airmed was an Irish goddess associated with healing. When king […]

Clíodhna My Designs Overdrive

Clíodhna – PCB Version

All the work is done for our Super Screamer, or is it? What if I do a PCB version of this, just for fun? PCBWay said they’d gonna send me some prototyping boards for free right around the time I was finishing the pedal. So I said why not, let’s design a PCB version of […]

My Designs

Prototype Boards for Thunder Boost

I just got some boards for my booster pedal design. I call it Thunder Boost. I’ll do a write up on it at some stage. This is my 2nd prototype board design – this time in SMT. I’ll try to assemble it in next few days. I ordered it from Aisler, the boards look good, […]