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Micro Thunder + RG270

This time around I am installing the micro booster into my Ibanez RG270. Now, don’t do this at home and if you do it, it’s entirely at your own risk. I saved this guitar from the scrapyard so I can afford to abuse it.

In previous article I created the 2nd version of the Micro Thunder booster. What I did not have thought through is how to install it into my guitar, but I was pretty confident I could do it. How did it go you can see in the video, this time it’s a short one.

One thing I will say is, it’s a fiddly thing 🙂. The only thing I changed was to expand one of the mounting holes to 3mm. It was OK since there are no traces around it, but definitely not ideal. I used a 3mm wood screw (12mm long), I could only use one, could not reach the other screw.

Here’s a photo of it just after the soldering:

Couple of notes – I replaced the jack since I needed the stereo one. The original wire that was soldered to the jack is screened wire and I soldered it to the “In” of the board.

I didn’t have that screened wire so I used 3 solid core wires instead to connect the jack with “Out” of the board. Not as good for interference protection, but that’s what I had and could push through the hole in the guitar body. The sleeve of the jack goes to “Bat-” connection.

Btw, the original jack had those soldering tabs slightly bent to be able to fit into the hole in the guitar body for the jack. I had to do a similar thing to my new jack, but I made sure I could still plug in the cable before I finished it off.

Here’s the gist of the wiring it up:

Anyway, the whole thing worked. Now, what I want to do is try to improve the design and maybe do some more experimenting with it and see if I can make it better.


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