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DIY Pedal Builds

Simple Boosters

Building a simple pedal (LPB-1)

Building a simple MOSFET based boost pedal (AMZ Mosfet Booster)

Building a simple JFET based boost pedal (based on Fetzer Valve)

Building a simple Op Amp based boost pedal (Thunder – my own design similar to MXR Micro Amp)


Building a simple fuzz (Silicon Fuzz Face clone)


Building a simple distortion (MXR Distortion+ Clone)

Building a Maze Runner (RAT clone with multiple clipping options)


Building Clíodhna (Tube Screamer derivative with 192 circuit options)


Building Airmed (Phase 45 derivative)


This section lists all projects that I’m working on, or I have already completed. These are normally projects larger than a build, possibly involving an original design.

Hybrid Pedal

In progress – 5% complete.

Latest photo of the project
Latest Photo

Hybrid pedal – digitally controlled analog effect. In this project I’m designing a hybrid pedal from start to finish. All the digital controls – controlled by RaspberryPi Pico board, and I’ll design an analog effect to go with it.


In progress – 50% complete

Current Status

Pico MIDI – control your world using your … feet?!! Well, if you’re so inclined, here’s a tool for it ?. MIDI pedal with one MIDI output, a stomp switch, support for external switches and expression pedals.


Some basic techniques, anything useful really for building pedals yourself.

Circuit Design


Simple guide on how to convert circuit from using a NPN transistors to PNP transistors (NPN to PNP). And a more detailed guide on modifying Fuzz Face from NPN to PNP version.


Diagram showing one option for wiring up 3PDT switch
One option for wiring up 3PDT switch

How to wire up switches for your DIY effort. I start off with a very basic introduction, and then discuss ways to bypass the effect (including true bypass), finally I discuss wiring-up 3PDT switches.

Using Battery

How to easily wire-up battery so when power supply is used, or guitar cable is not plugged in, the battery is not being used to preserve life of the battery.

Reverse Polarity Protection

How not to burn down your pedal ?. While we can get away with a lot designing and building our pedals, sometimes we need to think about protecting them as well. Incorrect power supply or wrong polarity could spell trouble even for our rugged friend, this post covers some ways of protection.