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Prototype Boards for Thunder Boost

I just got some boards for my booster pedal design. I call it Thunder Boost. I’ll do a write up on it at some stage. This is my 2nd prototype board design – this time in SMT. I’ll try to assemble it in next few days.

I ordered it from Aisler, the boards look good, and their service so far has been great.

Thunder boost prototype

I’m still finalizing the design so the board has alternative components on it. I’ll assemble it and see what version I like the most before I get to the final design. Once I assemble the boards I’ll do a follow up.

This is a 3D render of the board in KiCad:

KiCad rendered 3D view of the populated board
3D Render of the populated Thunder boost board

It’s great how beautifully KiCad can render the board in 3D when you have 3D models for all components.

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