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Pico Midi – Teaser

Here’s a quick teaser ?, I cobbled together a MIDI pedal on breadboard using Raspberry Pi Pico. It’s been a while since I looked into Pico. I was playing with my Boss looper and I thought I was missing a button, so I spent couple of days figuring out how to do it.

The pedal supports TRS cable used by Boss. I’ll go into more detail soon, but a lot can be achieved using an under $5 board with just a handful of components. The end result is not ideal, this is my first time looking into MIDI and I spent only couple of days on it. It is more of a demonstration what could be done.

Here’s the schematic:

Schematic of a MIDI pedal based around Raspberry Pi Pico board
Pico Midi – basic schematic (click for full image)

I programmed this in Micro Python, and I created actions for Click, Double-Click and Long Press – the actions are toggling between CC #1, #2 and #3 (MIDI change control messages). I setup my looper to trigger actions based on receiving these commands.

The video does not show clearly options – sorry about that, here are the settings used on my RC-500.

Hold Memory button, navigate to Assign, choose:

SourceCC #1
(MIDI Control Change Message, Control Number 1)
Src ModeToggle
TargetT1 PLY/STP (play/stop track 1)
SourceCC #2
Src ModeToggle
SourceCC #3
Src ModeToggle
TargetRHYTHM STOP (I should’ve chosen RHYTHM P/S which is play/stop)
Configuring MIDI commands on RC-500

Have a look at the short video:

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