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Choosing Display Option for Hybrid Pedal

As part of my Hybrid Pedal project in this step I’ll try out a few different display options. I got an application development board from Pimoroni crowd, and couple of LED matrices and LCD display breakout boards.

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Here’s the video:

In this video I had to “nuke” the board because I could not connect to it. I left off with after doing the previous post, and PicoGo could not connect to the board. Luckily, the process is easy to reset the flash back to it’s original state.

After that, I went through few things I got from Pimoroni. I am going to use Pico Breakout Garden Base. The documentation is good on that page, there’s info on how to get started with Pico, and how to use the board.

I decided to use the firmware that has baked in most of the drivers for various breakout boards. Unfortunately one of my breakout boards is not supported, but the one I’m going to use – RGB 5×5 Led Matrix is, so I’m happy with that.

Pimoroni has some examples to get me started on their git-hub project for the breakout board. After I did try out 3 different breakout boards I purchased from them, I coded some imaginary display for a pedal with 5 different controls:

For the display demo, I posted the file on my Hybrid Pedal git-hub project.

Have a look at the video, it’s short and might be interesting to see what options are out there for playing with Raspberry Pi Pico and getting your project to have a nice display.

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