Breadboarding Distortion

MXR Distortion Plus on Breadboard

MXR Distortion + pedal has been around since 70’s and featured in many 70’s and 80’s rock and metal recordings (and many more modern ones). A true icon, used by likes of Dave Murray, Randy Rhoads, Slash, Tom Morello and many many others. Iconic, sounding great, yet simple, great for DIY effort đŸ˜†. Let’s build […]

Breadboarding DIY Pedal Basics Fuzz

Silicon Fuzz Face – PNP Version

I did a post on how to modify circuit from using NPN to using PNP transistors, and as a bonus I added a quick note on how to do this for Fuzz Face. Now it’s time to actually do it. I’ll breadboard a Fuzz Face clone, and then I’ll swap NPN transistors with PNP transistors. […]