Breadboarding DIY Pedal Basics Tone Control

Adding Tone Control

After spending my sweet time going through a few boosters – it’s time to make them better. Adding some sort of tone control to a guitar pedal is a great way to make it better. In this post I’ll explore some of the ways to get a useful tone stack for your build. I’ll be […]

Breadboarding DIY Pedal Basics

NPN to PNP Transistor

A question recently popped up – how to go about if I wanted to use PNP in place of a NPN transistor. In theory – it should be a simple enough task. After all, the circuits should be near equivalent. “Near”, just before “equivalent” is the key term in that sentence. How do we go […]

Builds Fuzz

Building a Fuzz Face Clone – Assembly

After the introduction and analysis, then breadboarding and experimentation, I’ll complete the pedal. I’ll do the final schematic and bill of material, then do the soldering layout for a protoboard. I’ll plan out the enclosure, and finalize the enclosure. I’ll finally assemble it and do test and demo. Final Schematic Trying out different things last […]