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Building a JFET Booster

The next in line for building is a JFET Booster. I chose a Fetzer Valve circuit. This one is a bit different, I had to go through measuring my JFET components and then go through calculating correct component values. I then breadboarded it in two different versions. It was interesting, something different, check it out.

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Finished Building AMZ Mosfet Booster

I finished building a simple MOSFET booster today. Simple but effective pedal, clean boost with flat response and great input/output characteristics. Or check out dedicated build page for it.

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Completed Prototypes for Thunder Boost

Last week I finished prototyping my Thunder boost pedal. I got boards some time ago, so I got onto soldering all those SMT components. The final result looks nice I think: The finished boards look pretty much like the 3D model in KiCad which is actually great. I was freaking out about soldering the components, […]