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Building a MOSFET Booster this Time

I started building a simple MOSFET booster this time. BJT booster is done, and now something a bit different, but similar enough :). I chose AMZ Mosfet Booster. I’ve done analyzing it and breadboarding it, so have a look.

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Prototype Boards for Thunder Boost

I just got some boards for my booster pedal design. I call it Thunder Boost. I’ll do a write up on it at some stage. This is my 2nd prototype board design – this time in SMT. I’ll try to assemble it in next few days. I ordered it from Aisler, the boards look good, […]

Boost Effect Builds New Article

Finished Building LPB-1

And this is it, finally, the pedal is finished. After breadboarding it, then experimenting some with the effect, settling for final list of components to use, last time I finished the enclosure. Today, I soldered it and finally assembled it into it’s final form. Check it out.